Protect Our Wetlands


The Barnett Government is proceeding with a deliberate and destructive attack on our environment and communities by starting unnecessary clearing works for the Roe 8 toll road just months before an election.

This issue affects all Western Australians. If we let the Government get away with this unchallenged then our clean air, fresh water, and unique environment could be under threat everywhere.

When a government ignores the policies and laws that are there to protect us, and our legal system fails to uphold them, that is when we must step up and take action together as a community.

Join the Conservation Council of WA and Rethink the Link in holding the Government to account, and protect the globally significant Beeliar Wetlands from the devastation of the unethical Roe 8 toll road.

Over the coming weeks we will work hard to make this a critical election issue. Volunteers will be knocking on doors and calling people across the State to let them know how we could all be affected if we don't take action. We will print fliers, organise events, train volunteers, and make thousands of phone calls.

How would you like to get involved?


Your donation is urgently needed now to fund the community outreach campaign, which will mobilise thousands of voters to show their support for the Wetlands. Will you donate now?


We're launching a massive community outreach campaign - sign up now if you're interested in doorknocking, phonebanking, or other kinds of community engagement!


People are phoning their Members of Parliament right now, asking them to stop Roe 8 from destroying the globally important Beeliar Wetlands. Will you call yours?


People all over Perth are emailing their Members of Parliament, asking them to protect the ancient Beeliar Wetlands from the devastation of the Roe 8 toll road. Will you email yours?

More Information:

Why every West Australian must protest the Roe 8 toll road - By Piers Verstegen, CCWA